What's Kinstretch?

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2020

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Movement Method is excited to offer Kinstretch classes to our library - a mobility system, based on science.  If you are a Yogi, a Dancer, a Runner, an Athlete, or you simply want to feel better and move better in your body, this practice is for you.  

Kinstretch offers end-range strengthening techniques that target the various movements within each of our joints. 

We position ourselves intelligently so as to place the joint at or near its end range and then we move the joint in the outer limits of that range.

This helps us to function and move better in whatever we endeavor to do.  It stimulates what is called tissue adaptation, where the nervous system interacts to create stronger, more resilient tissues in the area we are targeting.  We literally learn to direct the ways the cells in our body generate and adapt the connective tissue that we are made up of. 

It can help heal injuries, mitigate pain, and make you feel so much better in your body.

Professional sports teams in the MLB, NBA, NFL, elite performers and huge companies like Cirque De Soleil are all adding this work into their programs.  And we’re certainly stoked to be offering it right here, on Movement Method. 


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