Methodical Sequencing for Yoga Teachers

A 20-hour Online Training
With Kate Gillespie










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Methodical Sequencing for Yoga Teachers

A 20-hour Online Training
With Kate Gillespie

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The entire course is now available ON DEMAND for you to learn at your own pace. You’ll receive a comprehensive written manual and the in-depth video course curriculum.


About the Course

Who This Course Is For

Calling all yoga teachers! Whether you are looking to break out of the same old sequence, or you’re a wild and and free make-it-up-as-you-go teacher, this training is for you.

You’ll learn to balance structure with freedom. To give your students the magical experience of flow, all within a framework that is structurally sound. That has knowledge and current anatomical intel to teach your students how their body works while they’re moving.

This course is for anyone looking to breathe new life into their classes.

What You'll Learn

  • how to structure a Vinyasa class
  • anatomy review of planes of movement and joint articulations
  • how to regress and progress peak postures
  • how to incorporate functional mobility work into flow
  • effective cueing
  • identifying compensatory patterns
  • teaching online
  • how to teach skills and not just fancy postures
  • teaching to all levels & inclusive language
  • and so on.......

What Your Purchase Includes

Your $250 investment in this course includes

  • Comprehensive written manual
  • A robust video course curriculum
  • Lifetime access to the course curriculum
  • Lifetime access to the recordings of the live Zoom lectures

The Rest of the Details

The course is open and ready for you to complete at your own pace.

There are 5 Modules of course content, and recordings of the live Zoom sessions that took place in November 2021. 

Course Outline:

Module 1 - Structure
Module 2 - Regression and Progression
Module 3 - Cueing
Module 4 - The Process
Module 5 - Seat of the Teacher

Here is a list of the props needed for this course:

  •  1 Yoga Mat
  • 2 Yoga Blocks
  • 1 Yoga Strap (8 feet or longer)

Questions? Please email me at [email protected].


What People Are Saying


"Your training is so comprehensive and utterly brilliant and I’ve learned a lot from the way way you’ve organized it. You bring together the best nuggets from all my most favorite yoga people in a way that is the most concise and clear that I’ve yet to see. Thank you! " - Emily M.


"Brilliant, clear, tangible and digestible. I love your focus on joint articulations and building in options for students as they map these shapes and transitions in their own body." - Greg P.


“I am a sports medicine doctor and really love the way you work with biomechanics and appropriate anatomy/joint articulations in your teaching and practice.” - Katie M.


“I’ve literally changed the way I teach yoga due to your training and classes. Thank you.” - Rose A.